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Welcome all those Water polo fanatics out there. My name is Helen and I am the goalie for Waitakere City Water Polo Club in Auckland, New Zealand. For all you goalies out there, I have a few exercises you can do to improve your all round greatness!
Get someone to stand on the side of the pool, and they throw the ball at you. Do this for about five minutes, them have a minutes break, and do it all over again. Repeat about 4 times. Do eggbeater under a one metre diving board, without getting your hands wet, jump up and touch the board with both hands. Repeat about ten times. Rest, then repeat three times.
Another tip is to know your opposition. Go down to other people's games, and sit behind the goal. Watch how they shoot. Most players favour a particular side, they may fake a couple of times, so watch out for those things. Also while playing try to pysche out your opposition. Try to snarl at them, or "say pass to number 3". Things like that really make people scared.
Don't be too scared to jump out and steal the ball. But be careful when you do this. Only go out when they have the ball on the two-metre line, and further out you risk not being able to get back in time if necessary.
Try to keep on the water at all times. Then you are ready for a shot when ever it comes.